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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Something about me...

My name is Peter Choi and I am a software developer in Hong Kong. Around two decades ago I started up as a little kid with a humble life, caring about nothing else but my studies. Destiny was not too hard on me. As what Jack Dawson said, "I've got everything I need right here with me. I've got air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper..."

I ended up graduating in the University of Hong Kong with a BSc degree in Computer Science, two years later I earned the MSc in E-Commerce Technologies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I hit the SARS epidemic the year I finished college education, together with the aftermath of the financial turmoil and technology boom in the late 90s, gloomy thoughts were everywhere in Hong Kong and the prospects of IT careers were at stake. Yes, that's the IT I am talking about, the sector that I am working in right now.

Despite the adverse circumstances and the misgivings, I preserve hope and anticipation that in this field, I can yield some meanings out of efforts. Technology is an area that breeds miracles. New concepts emerge every day that inspire everyone's mindsets to evolve. To survive in business, I, and anyone else, should have an innovative mind and look beyond the present. This dynamic process is consistent with the theme of my blog: COMPASS.

Compass is a symbol for direction, which is something that I can't go without. Diligence and hard work are nothing without a goal or destination, that's why I try to have adequate planning for every jobs and reassure myself that I am working smart. As time goes by I feel like having a place to harbour my thoughts and feelings so I started this blog, and I named it COMPASS.

Various web applications abound in the market with increasing functionalities and user-friendliness. I made comparisons among several blogging platforms (eg. Blogger, Yahoo 360, WordPress ...) and eventually I chose the most primitive Blogger for its ability of layout customization. Then I searched through different desktop blogging software and I chose Blogjet for its flexibility and integration with browser. I chose flickr as online photo album for its manageability and as social bookmark for its quick response and simple accessibility. Finally I gave this blog the domain and this, as one of my various projects, completes.

I like pressure for I see that as drive. I like the feeling of working hard. I like striving with a potent team for something that makes meaning. I like technologies for their fast evolution. What's life all about? It's simply about what you can do in a few decades.


  • Yeah Wordpress rocks, I recently switched.. I'm trying to find a cool template that I like.. so far i like the one i have now - anyway, my blog's url is I've got a page rank of 4 [if you know anything about page ranks and search engine optimization] and 309 pages indexed in google.. unfortunately it isn't more than that...'ve got a great blog here! -Paul

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:11 PM  

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