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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Renovation...

My aspiration is growing. After the one year anniversary of my university graduation, I started to ponder deeply about my future. Where should I head towards? Shall I continue to pursue IT as my career? Or more specifically, assuming I am going to live with it, how can I grasp the bleeding edge of technology to nurture my future life.
Though programming may not be my favourite field in IT, I ended up to be a software developer, at least for now. Substantally I learned more about MVC development, J2EE architecture, JSP and JSF etc, not longer afterwards I came up with an idea to resume my work on the personal webportal -- "The Compass". It is supposed to be the final edition of webportal, but before it is completed, I would like to have something in between.
Being one of the weired technical phenonmenons emerging these days, Blog is my primary choice. Apart from putting my thoughts and feels here, I am proactively exploring the possibility of incorporating this Blog site into my future website. That sounds interesting.
For your reference, my future website will be launched on , visit there often!