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Friday, September 03, 2004

Another year...

Well, another year went by, and again I am a year older. Though physicially I do believe I have grown much more than a year, ironically I always feel that mentally I am not old enough (or maybe in others' eyes it's too old already).
Time has come for me to take up more responsibility, for my future and my family. It's fair enough, if I am capable I should contribute more, plan further and work harder. I have no wishes today but to pray for more talent and endurance for the challenges ahead.
I have changed a lot this year, so obvious that I myself can feel it. It was too tense at Karlson, but I did work at high speed. DCFWMS was a harmonious place (in my position) that hardly could I feel pressure. Then suddenly I had a strong feeling to move on and I pushed myself harder than ever, pursuing knowledge in IT industry. Nothing in the environment can I change, but neither can I let the environment strangle my future. Clear with no doubt, to work harder and safeguard a stable life in what I have to do this year.