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Friday, October 07, 2005

Macromedia Announces Flex 2

Macromedia - Press Room : Macromedia Announces Flex 2 Product Line and Flash Player 8.5

It’s definitely good news to me, at least I know Flex is still growing after the acquisition of Adobe. Probably I won’t give up the chance to test this new product out.

So much I want to learn more about Flex and Ajax as Rich Internet Applications will definitely become the mainstream in the near future. For applications with sophisticated form fillings and presentations, it is intolerable to have many page refreshes and waitings. Moreover as security measures are improved more people are willing to accept online transactions, improving the purchasing experience is an absolute competitive edge for an online application to be widely endorsed.

Yet right now my CISSP and CISA examinations are drawing near, pray that I can finish them soon and resume my research on these cutting edge technologies…