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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Polar Bears May Be Turning to Cannibalism

Polar Bears May Be Turning to Cannibalism, Longer Seasons Without Ice May Force Polar Bears to Turn to Cannibalism, Scientists Say - CBS News.

Yet another consequence of greenhouse effect. Some can hardly be imagined. Films like The Day After Tomrrow have clearly expressed the possible outcomes of abnormal climates due to environmental destructions.

HK Goverment is now advocating BYOB and to lessen plastic bags consumptions. As simple as such task is so hard to gain popularity and public-wide support, can we possibly anticipate a sustainable future?

Let the ice on both poles to melt, and polar bears and penguins will live together on our lands. Cut down all the trees in tropical forests, then lions, tigers and vultures got no where to go but our cement forests. Keep on destructing man, the end of time may come sooner than you imagine…