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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Half-day Holiday

How can I possible have holiday? When I am foolish.
One of my Master course this semester is included in the reimbursement list of CEF (Continue Education Fund), and I am eligible to claim 10K from the government. I have download the application long long tme ago until this morning I looked into the applcation procedure and find that it should be submitted before the course commence. The first lesson will be tomorrow!
I called Vily, who is as foolish as I am, and we both panic. It was obvious that we have no other option but to take an afternoon leave and settle the application. The fact is, I had to rush to CUHK from Central, stamp the form and submit it in Kwai Hing, then go back to CU for my lesson.
Hopefully we can still claim it in time, or else I have waste half day annual leave for nothing.