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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

RSA boosts security of single sign-on

RSA boosts security of single sign-on - Computerworld

A new single sign-on product that supports two factors authentication is out in the market. A good thing about RSA is her extensive adoption of SecurID token in her products. Sooner or later as online banking and transactions start to gain acceptance from the public, people will realize the delicacy of mere password protection.

Passwords can be forgotten, can be too simple to be guessed or brute force attacked. They can be shoulder-surfed or sniffed in the network. If your machine was infected by malicious code your password can be recorded by keystroke. So far people need a second degree of protection that is easy to use, a token can be the best choice.

We can foresee a drop of hardware cost and later on we can have affordable fingerprint scanners. Maybe RSA may adopt biometric authentication to her subsequent single sign-on products too.