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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moment of Relax?

Stress handling is definitely an essential skillset everyone should possess. I start to get confused as I don’t know whether this job is too stressful, or it is me who haven’t encountered real stress until now. Or it isn’t really stress at all, just I have to brush up my stress resistance.

Every night when I am back from work, I feel so tired that I don’t want to do anything, well everyone is like that I guess. Sometimes the schedule is so tight that my engine was running at full speed during day time, and I remain that excited after work. Both phenomenons are detrimental to my mental health.

The good thing is, I can feel absorbing knowledge every day just like a sponge soaking water. Maybe I don’t have the freedom to be evangelistic, at least I can be opportunistic to learn from the surroundings. Hopefully my career path can advance along with my effort and enthusiasm. Afterall, learning broad and quick is the only way to yield values and sustainable survival in the technology industry.