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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Unveils Payment Service

Google Unveils Payment Service, Challenges PayPal With Electronic Wallet For Online Shoppers - CBS News.

Another prominent service from Google, called Google Checkout, is unveiled. Hopefully it can be proved secured as I foresee it as a very promising step towards the era of e-commerce.

With the prime reputation of Google and the popularity of Google accounts, if Google can prove itself to be a save hub for credit cards information, it may break the ice and attract the a number of account holders to start purchasing online, their behaviours will give confidence to their peers who will subsequently register for service also. The process is actually a snow ball effect resulting in a vast increase of online transactions. (Especially in the area of Asia).

Hopefully online transactions can become more popular, the phenomenon will be beneficial to not only me but all the internet users around the world.