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Thursday, July 27, 2006

BT announces movie download deal

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | BT announces movie download deal.

This makes some sense to me as finally good technology is being formally adopted by commercials. Commercial support and recognition is so much important for a technology long been labelled evil. If BT can further lower the cost of movie distribution, that marks another milestone as actually we do not need the physical DVD, nowadays hard disks are large enough for a lot of DVD images.

I wish such measures and arrangements can be applicable in Hong Kong soon, somehow it helps re-educating those without the concept that technology is neutral. High profile lawsuits threatenings will never help a city to improve her reputations on intellectual properties, but they can convey an impression to the international community that not only are we ignorant to technologies, but also reluctant to changes. Both natures can jeopardize the competitive edge of Hong Kong during the economic evolution.