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Friday, September 01, 2006

101 ways to organize your life

Project Management Source: Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life.

A very good passage. Allow me to quote some below:

1. Keep your approach friendly
5. Nobody appreciates a micro-manager: Don’t sit on the heads of your team members.
6. Giving autonomy does not mean not keeping track of progress.
14. Stand up for your team. When your employees are in the right, have the guts to take up their case.
15. Don’t let team members intimidate you with technical mumbo-jumbo. Don’t feel stupid when you ask them to explain what they are saying in layperson’s language.
20. Building Trust: Build trust within the team by demonstrating to each team member that everyone is important and creating a sense of personal value and contribution.
23. Say thanks, offer words of support, and show appreciation for good work.
28. Ownership: Have an attitude of owning your work.
30. To motivate, you have to empower. Motivation involves not only being enthusiastic and pumped up about approaching the task, but also involves being equipped with the tools and the ability to complete the assignment.
31. Accountability of Self
42. Keep your sense of humor: It helps
44. Celebrate achievements – even mini-achievements
61. Break down work into tasks
80. Take a break
85. A healthy personal life translates to a well-balanced, healthy person