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Friday, April 27, 2007

Green IT: Why it matters

Being involved in the technology industry myself, I am pretty well aware of the environmental impact it is putting on the planet. Indeed if every organizations can take a couple of minutes to strategize their IT infrastructures, much energy can be saved every day.

Consider the number of servers existing across the company, they are working 24 hours non-stop, yet are they being well utilized? Are they really that productive all the time? How many of them are old machines being there no longer used? 

Sort out all the servers that are not well utilitized, regroup the applications and switch off some of the machines.

How many employees are leaving their workstations turned on throughout the night? Many of them are considering a "quick wake up" of their machines when they come back the other day, afterall they are not responsible for the electricity bill.

Lay down a company policy that enforce the staff to turn off their workstations when they off from work.

Are you disposing old computers and hardware properly? Any idea to have a second hand dealer to take care of those e-waste? Most of the time they can resell them in their market. Or maybe you can contact a voluntary organization that collect obsolete hardware from companies, they can refurnish the stuffs and donate to those who need them.

Have a mind of charity. You can do more than one good deed by reusing, reselling or recycling electronics wastes.

Rest I can reassure, environmental sustainability is not a complicated issue that requires corporates to incur huge sacrifices and costs. We can save money and help the planet by using our brains sometimes.

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