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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vista upgrades trigger surge of e-waste

The long-awaited launch of Microsoft Vista late last year is expected to result in a surge of obsolete PCs market as companies go ahead with deferred desktop systems upgrades.

Vista upgrades trigger surge of e-waste - Computing.

The wave of upgrading is ultimately inevitable. I am just praying if people can take the environment into their considerations when they throw away old equipments (being an IT guy like me is doing so as well).

Recycling computers can become a lucrative business, there should be more businesses of this kind. Collecting old computer equipments, refurnishing them then sell them to the niche market at a lower price. There is such a market as the thrown-away equipments are becoming more and more usable, some may include Windows XP OS license as well.

Advocating recycling of resources can actually help both environment and rich-poor-disparity problem.