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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Legco Election

The Legco Election is over, and the counting is now under progress. I don't want to express my political views here, as I have done too much in some public newsgroups anonymously. What I want to say is, this election is the one I concern most. For the first time I feel deeply in heart, that the outcome does affect me directly.
Obviously I want a significant improvement in the government. Some polling boxes were full in the middle of the day that caused chaos in some polling centers. I wonder why the government is having poor planning on simple matters like this? The lucky draw of Shopping Festival was done unfairly, where the tickets were not at all random during selection. Why is the government unable to handle this simple activity perfectly? I do think even secondary school kids can hold similar functions better than they do! Every thing seems getting worse, hardly can you find anything done without mistake. Hey man! you are WORKING!! Can't you do things seriously?