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Sunday, March 20, 2005


I start to ponder: what indeed do I need to have a good fortune?

Strange things are lingering around:
1) I don't spend much every month (no entertainment at all), but in turn I can't save much money.
2) I don't like to waste time (as least a lot less entertainment and gatherings than the years in university), but in turn I don't have time left. My sleeping hours are as little as the years in university.
3) I feel that my English writing skills in deteriorating.
4) I feel that physically I am getting weaker again.
5) I feel like an idiot as I am an amateur to so many things (eg. investment). There are so many things I have to make a kick start on.
6) In short, I feel that I am less competitive that I expect.

So that's what I am going to do:
1) Review my monthly spendings all over again. Root out any item that I can make further savings.
2) Review my weekly schedule. Probably I can save up more time after the completion of my master studies, by then I shall reallocate some time for exercise or other long term plans.
3) Revise the english vocabulary notes I have drafted, then resume my daily reading of english editorials in SCMP and Mingpao.
4) After point(2), I shall free up some time for exercise (eg. running, weight, or perhaps gym exercises a month later). A cup of milk every night will help.
5) I am proactively learning investment in practice, along-side with the investment course I am taking in CUHK this semester.
6) After the master course, I will definitely continue to shoot down CCNA and SCJP.