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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

The Good Friday mass was a well done, it made me ponder a lot of things.
Once I doubt whether I should be good and noble, or I should be wicked and selfish. I was discontent with my fate and destiny, and ask God why there are so many obstacles laid ahead of me. I was furious as my effort turned out and became nothing. I was astonished and shocked that I ended up at a head start in the worst industry in the worst time and place.
Look at Jesus Christ. He was noble. He place a lot of effort in preaching, healing, teaching for the good of mankind, but ended up being crucified by the people he has helped. His suffering and death was more than it is, and maybe that's what He wants to show me.
Getting successful is no easy. I don't know why but I just feel the way is relatively harder for me. But I do believe that the situation is educating me to work harder and smarter. The bottom line is, I gonna be good and stay noble, do what is correct always. However harsh the circumstance is, I won't go beyond my moral standards.


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    j is "job" it?

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