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Thursday, October 20, 2005

IT execs see higher spending because of Sarb-Ox rules

IT execs see higher spending because of Sarb-Ox rules - Computerworld

An expected outcome that may trouble many enterprises. By enforcing a compliance to best practices of IT governance, the costs will definitely increase, yet for an obvious and foreseeable reward. Executives who is viewing IT as a budget burden are understandable. IT is seldom a drive for core business value afterall. But what if you consider the cost of processing everything manually instead?

The increasing dependence on computers and electronic transactions directly induce an increase of risks. Poor IT infrastructure and operation management may well transform those risks to threats and losses. You may plan an investment on IT to scale your business or to cut costs by simplifying workflow, but one should always be prepared to raise these spendings to keep your information system in good shape, lest the loss of your system being compromised can be devastating.