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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Continuous Professional Development

I was not too fast ahead of my contemporaries.
Right before I obtained my college degree did I realize the importance of pursuing further studies. I went on straight for an MSc degree and then CISSP and CISA certifications.
Guess what, in my current workspace, one of my senior colleagues is an MBA, my boss (Project Manager) is also an MSc, together with PMP and other qualifications. Today I had a cold chat with some Taekwondo folks and discovered there are two PMPs. One of them is an MBA and have CHFI. Seems to me that everything is a matter of comparison, and that is the source of pressure: If you stop, you don't really stop, you step backward.
So far I am still the youngest among those I mentioned. I did learn a lot through the interactions with them. As time goes by I can see more burden and constraints. While I can still arrange my time, working and studying hard are seemingly the only right things to do.