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Sunday, September 24, 2006

High-Definition DVD War: Over Before it Starts?

ABC News: High-Definition DVD War: Over Before it Starts?.

The video business is getting hot. Disney, Amazon, Apple are all in similar track offering online streaming video services. On the other hand movie producers are doing researches to further improve the movie quality with HD DVD.

It is true that HD movie can hardly be downloaded due to its size, physical ‘disc’such as CD, DVD and HD DVD are still keeping their market. But it is beyond doubt that as the network bandwidth is continuously improving, online streaming will become more popular in the video business.

Sept. 22, 2006 — Warner Bros. recently filed a patent application for a new type of DVD that could end the next generation DVD format war before it begins.

Blending aspects of the new HD DVD and Blu-ray technologies, the proposed discs would be playable in both types of players, eliminating the need for consumers to invest in one format over the other.

Current Blu-ray and HD DVD players range in price from about $500 to $1,000 with discs generally costing over $25.