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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ABC News: Apple's iPod Looks Great at 5 Years Old

ABC News: Apple's iPod Looks Great at 5 Years Old.

 iPod is indeed not just a technology, but also a fashion. Look around and see how many gadgets can look attractive for five years? How many technology products can sustain its market share for five years without a dramatic version upgrade? (Even Microsoft has to replace Windows XP with Vista)

The core of the gadget itself, together with the corporate image are all that it takes. Everybody still think that iPod is having much better sound quality that normal MP3 players. New gimmicks like larger screen, smaller size, larger volumn are also selling points throughout the years. It is nice to hear that in between the ‘work’market of PC and ‘entertainment’ market of say PSP, iPod can find its space of survival, and it manages to do well in this space too.