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Monday, February 05, 2007

Scientists: Humans 'very likely' cause global warming

Scientists: Humans 'very likely' cause global warming -

The report found it was "likely" -- "more likely than not" in some cases -- that manmade greenhouse gases have contributed to hotter days and nights, and more of them, more killer heat waves than before, heavier rainfall more often, major droughts in more regions, stronger and more frequent cyclones and "increased incidence" of extremely high sea levels.

Lets keep things simple! People are simple playing word games over the issue without truly forming a solution. The problem of global warming is becoming obvious to not only scientists but normal people as well. Yet people deny it, resorting to a confirmation of so called “scientific consensus”which takes years. Where there is a report coming out stating the very fact that people are “very likely”to cause global warming, people question about the meaning of “very likely”, take more time to explain. The process goes on.

Instead of indulging into conflicts and arguments, lets come back to page one.

  • The problem of global warming is absolute, regardless of all the scientific reports, we can all see it. And it is going worse.
  • Who cause the problem? Is it relevant? now we need a solution rather than finger pointing about who is accountable.
  • Those who deeply believe environmental protection is mutually exclusive with economic growth, please think again. Why should we jump to that conclusion so soon without thinking about alternative solutions that can seemingly benefit both sides?
  • Isn’t there anything more important that profit or revenue or money? Oh yes, our survival, and our sons’ and daughters’ survival  isn’t it?
  • Donation is no way near a solution to a problem like this. Do something in your business process or the way you live. It’s about doing, not paying.

It is nerve-racking to see how stubborn people are when responding to an urgent issue as this. Seems as if nobody are caring about social responsibility any more. It is a gift for we have a good development in our politics, economies and technologies. Shouldn’t we make use of these to play a part in the solution? But all that it takes is the participating of everyone of earth. It is time to act now.