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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time magazine's "Person of the Year" is You

The magazine has put a mirror on the cover of its "Person of the Year" issue, released on Monday, "because it literally reflects the idea that you, not us, are transforming the information age," Editor Richard Stengel said in a statement.

Time magazine's "Person of the Year" is You | Entertainment | Entertainment News |

It makes perfect sense to me that individuals are having a greater influence to the world than ever before. Before long the major stream of public voices will be coming from the web instead of the current media. A good thing of this is the total freedom of speech, I believe that the power may be strong enough to impact any current authorities. Yet the absolute free flow of information can also open up a perfect environment for rumors or provoking attempts. Can we depend only on mutual governance and filtering to keep ourselves on the right track?