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Friday, November 24, 2006

Global warming already killing species, analysis says

Global warming already killing species, analysis says -

We should really lament as human beings are being over self-confident about their control of the Earth, unaware that the Nature always reserves the power to strike back and to adjust itself, regardless of the cost.

The problem of global warming is becoming so obvious that it starts to substantially gain attention from the press and public. The main reason is that it is occuring at a pace much faster (by more than 50 years) than we human estimated. The interaction between temperature and carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is causing a vicious circle that rapidly worsen up the situation.

The topic is gaining the attentions from governments too. Yet based on the lengthly legislation under bureaucracy and the oppositions from powerful energy companies, it is not likely that any substantial remedy can be figured out before the situation becomes irreversible. Next time when somebody is talking about the end of the world, start pondering, for it can really be an outcome we are shaping up right now.