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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Carmakers Fight Global Warming Lawsuit

The six largest automakers asked a federal judge to toss out a lawsuit by California that accuses them of harming human health and the environment by producing vehicles that contribute to global warming.

Carmakers Fight Global Warming Lawsuit, 6 Largest Automakers Want Federal Judge to Throw Out Calif. Global Warming Suit - CBS News.

When can we truly realize the crux of the problem? It maybe standard procedures for big corporations to solve all the problems by money, but this time, the solution is not about spending, but doing.

The real problem of everything, not just global warming, is that we as human are trying to add the element “money” in every natural cycles. We are trying to solve every problem by money without taking a step backward to think of the simpler and better solution. Companies spend huge sum of money on lawsuits about environmental conservations, donate huge sum of money to organizations to work on the problems they created. This is indeed no generosity. Upon all the complications and confusions, why don’t we just take one step backward, take environmental friendliness as one of the factors when designing cars, the whole process will become much simpler, and the cost maybe lower than those lawsuits as well.