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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Information is vital...

Being and IT person, more and more can I realize the importance of information in my daily life. I'd prefer to have more than I need.. Like many others I receive at least 50 emails a day, many of those are newsletters that updates me on the computer trends or so.
People are passive. If I have to browse 50 websites to get my daily news, I'd rather sit back and have some cake and coffee. Personalized email and instant messages are bound to be more popular in the future. The more customized to individuals the better.
The crux benefits of computers and internet is to increase the throughout of human beings, at least in the context of information flow. With abundant information around people needs them in order, filtered, and delivered to their home free of charge. There are still plenty of room to explore in this area, I am definitely going for this.