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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ajax for Struts

Raible Designs ~ How do we bake Ajax into Struts and Spring MVC?
The longer I am using Struts, the more I think that it is designed for novice programmers. It may serve well in shortening the development time, but there are also potential compatibility problem with subsequent technologies like JSF.
AJAX maybe a solution for those who want to improve the browsing experience, yet the existing version of Struts is not designed to incorporate with such flows, programmers have to spend tremendous efforts in exchange for an interface enhancement.
Not mentioning the potential latency of Java, the default libraries from framework may also add in overhead in application performance. RIA concept is one of the ways to get around with such problem. While the future of RIA is unknown (eg. Macromedia is acquired by Acrobat and the survival of Flex product line remains as a question to many Flex-coders), the concept of AJAX serves well in common ASP model apps. Struts should consider adopting AJAX flow for later update lest it may be emulated by other peer frameworks.

Reference: Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts


  • I completely agree with you. I was working on struts from past 2 years,in due course I have seen a lot of complex screens where AJAX is the best option.Hope that SHALE will incorporate some of the ajax flows.

    By Blogger AAA, at 10:47 PM  

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