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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hard Time...

In the latest episode of "The Apprentice", Donald Trump said: I have seen people staying awake for 48 hours without sleeping trying to get a deal settled... If you don't have the physical and mental stamina, guess what, you'd better do something else.
I don't know how many people endorse the words from Trump, yet this quote sounds making some sense. In the last week of this part time Master course, I am totally overwhelmed by the tough syllabus and studies. Today I planned to take a nap in the afternoon before I study, yet my neighbor was drilling on the wall again after I back from work. I yelled for a couple of hours and ended up sleeping in McDonald downstairs.
I have given up the last revision lesson trying to study at home, this was the outcome. Sometimes I really wonder can anything else get worse? I am trying to be competitive yet I don't think I am, and seems seldom can things go smooth around me. What's wrong?