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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Web Applications rule...

It is obvious that the world has a strong tendency to develop human technologies that are intensively user-friendly, multi-functional, and information centric. Just look at the interface design of newly emerged web applications (eg. Google news, MSN Space etc.), it is not hard to notice that they are finding ways to get around the natural defect of HTML / ASP model. More scriptings are added to make the web feels like Windows app.
Not long ago I had an idea of developing an application that can help act as an information hub (eg. email, calendar, friends network, or even personal services like banking). At that time such concepts were only adopted by portals like My Yahoo! or Hotmail, which I found they were still insufficient.
Just see the three big dragons here: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, before long as they realize the demand, they put in tremendous investments in developing beta projects like Blogger, Orkut, Wallop, MSN Space, Yahoo 360, then acquire projects like flickr (thanks to Raymond for keeping me all these updated). If you haven't started using any of them, you'd better do so, For it's the first step where human are really getting connected.