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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

IT Thought


Raymond has sent me this link, ya that's the place where people are having the same feelings as me. It's just destiny. Economy is getting better, but my misgivings are still here. IT is truly what I like, ironically it is having the most ridiculous "skill vs salary" proportion. That's what so confusing and masking people's vision to the future. We are obligated to keep ourselves updated, and in the speed of technology advancement, we can theoretically enjoy unlimited space of expansion.
Yet in Hong Kong's situation, the tiny market with no Government support can hardly accomodate IT professionals to develop their careers. It's not merely due to the economic downturn, but the fundamental nature of the society (low-tech market, but a wide acceptance of commodity technologies...). Latest techs are getting more and more complicated, and the learning curves will definitely be steeper. Maybe these years is a local plateau for IT development in Hong Kong.