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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tiring Night...

Eventually I won in the battle of domain, somehow I really can't imagine that. The process was so dramatic!
The initial bid was placed two days ago of US$60. The price was going up steadily to US$111 last night. I planned to observe till the time was mature for me to place further bids. I kept on monitoring, unaware that a man with seemingly Japanese name suddenly placed a high bid (US$512).
When there was only one hour left, I started my attack. However high the bid I placed over $111 I was outbidded by that Japanese, finally I arrived in the newest high bid of $537 (that was already over HK$4000). The damnable HKBN suddenly disconnected itself in this very moment (probably some midnight maintenance without notice), I turned out to connect CUHK VPN and continue the bid. During the last 15 minutes I was so nervous and kept walking around the house, in the last 5 minutes a guy from nowhere suddenly placed a higher bid! His bid extends the deadline for 3 minutes, we kept outbidding each others and I kept calculating the amount in HKD. Finally when my bid reached US$762 (HK$5943), I decided to let it go, switched off the PC and went to sleep. Expecting that guy will continue to outbid me and won the auction, to my surprise I found that he didn't. Eventually I got the domain with HK$6K.


  • yuan loi the battle is really so exciting~!!!
    congratulation.. u can win the battle eventually^^so good!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:49 PM  

  • Four years later I have to add a comment to my own post, I have just sold this domain at USD6K. Margin 680%
    I still remember that day I bought this dot com and the things that happen in between, afterall everything was a nice experience.

    By Blogger Peter Choi, at 2:38 AM  

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