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Sunday, November 21, 2004

A hard choice

My Taekwondo Class

Yan left me a comment in the previous post, urging me to give up the part time (ie. taekwondo classes) for the time being. Indeed, many of my friends and colleagues suggested the same thing.
I have been coaching Taekwondo since I got my black belt in 13, now it has been 10 years. Time flies and my schedule got much tighter, indeed I should have given up this sports a long time ago. Now I am staying, as what I am feeling, solely due to the responsibilities that I have on my students.
Currently I have two classes, one on Friday and one on Saturday. To be frank, I would regard the Friday classes as a voluntary work: the income is so unstable and I can't get paid without intolerable delays. Yet I'd also consider the Friday class as the main motivation for me to carry on. As long as the students are self-behaved and enthusiastic to pursue improvement, I'll always be there.
In the last class, I have confiscated all my students' belts due to their poor performance in patterns. If any of my students can ever read this, just wanna let you know that one has to work hard to gain his recognition, one hour a week is not enough to help you on this (the same applies to other activities as well). Pull yourself together, some days later you will find it worthwhile.