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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Weird Feeling...

Don't know when I start having this feeling: I gonna die very soon...
These two days I have been feeling strange up on my chest, seems as if it is empty and I can't feel my heart beating. Or maybe it's some kinda stomache which creates the illusion.
But surely it alerts me to spot on my health. My schedule is so full that I hardly can have exercise. When I have to work OT (though seldom these days) or go to school after work, I tend to have "ding" dinner at 11pm. This somehow reminds me that I am tough, but also foolish.
And today my boss analyse my 時辰八字, and found that I am such a poor guy. Seems I won't get rich all the way, and have two harsh years by 1998 and 2019. 1998 was true as it was HKCEE, I really regard that as a turning point in my life. So what about 2019? I shall be 38... Well, I may have died before that... +_+"


  • hey ! crazy ga?? what die r?!? if u keep saying that, really kill u lak...=/!!!!

    thats gd that u start to concern ur health.....lets do more exercise la, u can ask hang & andy go with u also ^^ hang always so free ^O^ haha , i m serious.& take more rest la...
    also r,next need to DING dinner anymore ga la =)cheer up!

    wont get rich ....? in fact... sometimes $ is not that impt... God already planned everything for us ga la, & they must b the u just need to try ur best=) & u have done it la!

    dont make urself super bc la=(
    lets have a rest...& try to enjoy ur life=)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 PM  

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