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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Too busy!!!

Another long long time that I have been always from blog. You know, time is so tense these weeks and I have got tonnes to do. Don't worry, I don't think there will be readers hanging around here. All the way I am talking to myself...
First, wish Dilys a happy birthday. I feel so guilty to screw things up today and I swear I will trust Hongkongpost no more.
Second, I really wish I can finish those assignments sooner. Those things are not hard at all, the only problem is I being too lazy (or tired) to study.
Third, I have to finish my own project. There is a chance that I can grap a domain (a .com) myself. If it really happens there will be a whole new set of preparations to be done. I have dealt with a couple of long-distant calls from Macromedia these days for their shipping of Flex 1.5. Wish them every success too, for I may have a better platform for my application.
And then I will go to Macau tomorrow for a referee job in an internation Taekwondo contest. Another weekend spoiled.
Yes, no money, no time, no charm, no achievement. What am I for?


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