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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Take a rest...

The first aid test was over, though the result is not known yet, there shouldn't be any problem to get a pass. For the whole day I was swallowing the text book for the written test, which turned out to be rather easy, in the bandaging part I was all the way exchanging hints with my brother, who is my partner and the examiner seems ignorant to that. The only fly in the ointment was the CPR session I have forgotten to declare the room as risk free. Yet in the subsequent process I was doing loud and clear, as if I am self-confident. That was the tactic I have used three years ago too.
Hopefully I am becoming more pressure resistant. In the past I considered "rest" is taking a day off sleeping or playing, recently "rest" is used to describe a day when I have nothing to do after work (no class, no tkd lesson etc). Now "rest" is a time when I am out of extra pressurized events (eg. assignments, exams). So as there is no pending assignment now, tomorrow I still have class in CU after work, but it will be a resting day.