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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Weird Journey..

Some of my friends, especially those who visit this blog, may know that I should be in Macau today being a Taekwondo referee. Amazingly I have already returned home a few hours ago.
The journey was a really remarkable one!
1) People who went there a day before me all got food poisoning and encountered different severity of diarrhea.
2) Our lounge ("hotel") was a den of prostitutes.
3) We dared not sleep in bed last night and ended up in the sofa taking a nap for three hours with whole body curled up.
4) Our uniforms are of the wrong size.
5) The referee badges were not tightly sealed to our shirts. Instead they gave us clips to loosely attach them to the pockets and sleeves. Our badges were flying in the air along with our body movements in the court.
6) The free breakfast we could have in the restaurant can be 豬扒包, 腿治, 疍治, 牛治.. but we couldn't have 腿疍治 unless we pay a few dollars more.
7) The beverages we could have during lunch was hot drinks and cold drinks, but we couldn't choose drinks with lemon unless we pay $4 more.
8) Korean coach protested us referees for not giving points to his side (even though their kicks were not valid to score) and withdrew from a number of matches. In order to save their faces, new referees (those arrived on the second day like me and a few others) were considered inexperienced and were substituted out. Knowing that I will not be of any help within the day, I took the opportunity to leave earlier.
9) The ONLY meaningful thing within the journey was my winning of a few hundred dollars in the casino.


  • hey, just wnato leave msg for the previous passage r,
    but so many ppl leave msg there ^_^"

    congratulation for the $$ u won r ^v*

    wat for r??? for urself ma ! ^v+

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:18 PM  

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