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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Markets Go Up, Markets Go Down

I believe that superior investment skill has more to do with temperament than with a high IQ. Successful long-term investors will inevitably look stupid in the short run. And they will have to endure severe rebukes from Wall Street while they wait alone.

Markets Go Up, Markets Go Down

It's true that Warren Buffett is investing wise by choosing good stock and hold them long term, pragmatically I am doing the same, by missing the chance to sell when I should.

One of my favorite stocks - China Life Insurance. less than two years it grew from $6 to $50. Only if you have a platform for buying H-shares or A-shares, you too will be stunned by the speed of its expansion.

The recent bear market brings another opportunity,  with a huge market of insurance, we may want to keep related stocks long term as well.


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