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Friday, August 06, 2004

Morning !

Another morning again~ my parents are eventually back to Hong Kong, I can have better meals at dinner.
One thing I like blogger is that I can update the blog by simply a button on the Google toolbar, or else it's for sure I won't leave message here so frequently and persistently. So instead of investing blindly into IT everything have to be designed in the right direction. Focus more on the ease of use can lower the acceptance barrier of common audience, perhaps can even break the ice of e-commerce or so, bringing over another generation of technology coverage.
Alas, I have to thank some of my friends being pioneer readers of this blog. I have Au (Yam) who wrote me two pages reply on email, Raymond who gave me much feedback on technical point of view, the "A"s who complains about my vocabularies (haha), and many others who have read with no comments left. I have never publicly announce this blog, people comes due to my ICQ info, thanks for visiting, you guys are my true friends.