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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ouch! Too slow!

Right! I have given up playing Doom 3 tonight and continue my work on the portal. I have successfully tried Informa RSS library to implement a news feeder, which can fetch news more easily and can also be applied to blog, which I am planning to.
Unfortunately within my whole picture, there are still a lot of features to be implemented. The current progress is too slow! I can't just let my website being "coming soon...", or in fact nobody is awaiting actually, I can make it step by step~


  • "in fact nobody is awaiting actually" come u always say such words ga ~_~

    ur diary full of tthe IT things geh? so diff for us to und r ^__^" haha , so pro =P
    may b u r really a "work oriented" person r. except these, u bceome don wanto care anything la...>_<

    from the words, alreayd feel so stressful r... u seems really force urself so much r >_<...every second...

    pls take more care of urself la...=/ ~_~

    goal is impt..but there'r still many things else so impt too health r =/

    lets spare more space for urself to relax everyday la =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:27 AM  

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