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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Microsoft attacks Google on books

Microsoft is to launch an attack on Google, saying the search giant's rival book-scanning service "systematically violates copyright".

BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft attacks Google on books.

No doubt that Google is a quick hunter of information. It is witty that she can equalize her corporate expansion with the natural expansion and evolution of the global knowledge base. More information archived can directly enrich her database and hence putting her service in an invincible position.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2007

It is the second year that I participated in the 10km event of the Stardard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. It has been a great experience and a wonderful opportunity for some physical exercise!

The humidity this year was higher and it was not easy to get out of the West Harbour Tunnel. Not to mention the various ups and downs through the bridges, there are less water stations and cheerings along the way too. Nevertheless I finished the race with 3 mins less than last year, good outcome afterall.