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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

HP iPAQ rx3715 review by PC Magazine

HP iPAQ rx3715 review by PC Magazine

My dream one, and I am going to have it today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Art of the Start

The Art of the Start

Data has left me a message today, wondering why everybody is talking about Guy Kawasaki. Well I can't say it for sure, but in my perspective it is obvious that I have a strong desire to start my own stuff of course. This is supposed not to be mentioned overtly, but it doesn't matter anyway. Afterall at this stage I am just expecting a chance to learn.
There are different ways of survival for different careers. I don't think one can achieve steady promotion by accumulating experience. The strength of IT is high flexibility. Nobody will treaure IT staff as high-value asset, but the knowledge we acquire can be apply to almost every company. Keep on jumping, learning, gaining edges is the way we survive.
I like stability, but I can't deny or cover up the exploration mind that exist in every young man's heart. Poor as I am, I got nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?

Monday, September 27, 2004

Smash the cash cow!!

It was a total tragedy.. Yesterday I was in a fuzzy mode while brushing my teeth and I dropped the mug. (There is a big cash cow with a large piece of gold "萬両" printed on it). The mug cracked and it chopped right from the top of the cow to the bottom, breaking the piece of gold into two.
Maybe it means something to me... I don't know.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The first step towards the hell...

Today I went to open a telebet account at HKJC. Maybe it's something guiding me away from the righteous path, but I must persuade myself, that I have to know something about it lest I will be an ignorant fool in this society forever. But of course, I will have no time to bet often, there's still a long way for me to get addicted.
The HKJC was full of people during lunch-hour. Part of the reason is obviously the big pool tonight (I have lost 40 millions again), yet somehow I really feel gloomy. From those people's faces it's not hard to tell how eager everyone was to win in Mark-six. How desperate they are (including me), to pray for a come-back in the poor economy. Within those there are some who were once rich, some others who are unfortunate ones.
I rather enjoy an outcome from my bare hands. Wouldn't it be great if effort and yields are always directly proportional?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Network on network

Join Friendster!

I don't know how many people can see this. I always view the Internet as a valuable resource for the goodness of mankind. It just depends on how you utilize it.
One of the goodnesses is to keep in touch with my friends. Building a network of relationship over the network of computers. I have searched through Friendster tonight and found that although the service is so famous, not many of my friends are there.
One of my dream is to integrate different networks into one. I have ICQ, Yahoo and MSN groups, this blog and Friendster.. how can I maintain a SCALABLE human network with all these resources? I am always pondering.

Guy Kawasaki on the upstart art - News - ZDNet

Guy Kawasaki on the upstart art - News - ZDNet

If you want to read my mind, watch this webcast. To a great extend I agree with what Guy says and it does give me a deep inspiration.
Just wait and see, I will work out somthing, definitely.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Leadership Test

Test Results: "

Haha! I am Gandhi~ seems to me that the test is quite accurate! I like perfection and lead by example. I am demanding on others and also on myself. Very well~~

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bad weekend

A whole weekend is wasted! It was raining heavily, I got running nose and stomach ache... All that I have done was to go out and have a Taekwondo meeting.
What a waste!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Information is vital...

Being and IT person, more and more can I realize the importance of information in my daily life. I'd prefer to have more than I need.. Like many others I receive at least 50 emails a day, many of those are newsletters that updates me on the computer trends or so.
People are passive. If I have to browse 50 websites to get my daily news, I'd rather sit back and have some cake and coffee. Personalized email and instant messages are bound to be more popular in the future. The more customized to individuals the better.
The crux benefits of computers and internet is to increase the throughout of human beings, at least in the context of information flow. With abundant information around people needs them in order, filtered, and delivered to their home free of charge. There are still plenty of room to explore in this area, I am definitely going for this.

Long long road

I was a long long project, although it sounds relative tiny or baby stuff to professional programmers, undoubtfully I have to learn some new stuff which takes quite some time.
I have completed the initial layout for the interface and have just started to link it up with backend logic with HTTP service. Again there were tides or problems which I couldn't solve last night. School has started and my time is really tight. But somehow I enjoy school rather than working OT, that's the fact.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Legco Election

The Legco Election is over, and the counting is now under progress. I don't want to express my political views here, as I have done too much in some public newsgroups anonymously. What I want to say is, this election is the one I concern most. For the first time I feel deeply in heart, that the outcome does affect me directly.
Obviously I want a significant improvement in the government. Some polling boxes were full in the middle of the day that caused chaos in some polling centers. I wonder why the government is having poor planning on simple matters like this? The lucky draw of Shopping Festival was done unfairly, where the tickets were not at all random during selection. Why is the government unable to handle this simple activity perfectly? I do think even secondary school kids can hold similar functions better than they do! Every thing seems getting worse, hardly can you find anything done without mistake. Hey man! you are WORKING!! Can't you do things seriously?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Half-day Holiday

How can I possible have holiday? When I am foolish.
One of my Master course this semester is included in the reimbursement list of CEF (Continue Education Fund), and I am eligible to claim 10K from the government. I have download the application long long tme ago until this morning I looked into the applcation procedure and find that it should be submitted before the course commence. The first lesson will be tomorrow!
I called Vily, who is as foolish as I am, and we both panic. It was obvious that we have no other option but to take an afternoon leave and settle the application. The fact is, I had to rush to CUHK from Central, stamp the form and submit it in Kwai Hing, then go back to CU for my lesson.
Hopefully we can still claim it in time, or else I have waste half day annual leave for nothing.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Strange uh?!

This is what my colleague Sam always says. Indeed I find that there are a number of people viewing my profile.. Though not as many as you think, at least I know they are mostly people that I don't know. (My friends won't need to see that). I start to feel stupid to put so much genuine information that people can search through ICQ.
I seldom/never authorize strangers' ICQ request. When I doubt if that is someone I know, I try to go to his/her homepage, well, that maybe what others do to me too.
Today I have run overtime again. So much I hope that this situation will be over soon. That's really exhausting.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Another year...

Well, another year went by, and again I am a year older. Though physicially I do believe I have grown much more than a year, ironically I always feel that mentally I am not old enough (or maybe in others' eyes it's too old already).
Time has come for me to take up more responsibility, for my future and my family. It's fair enough, if I am capable I should contribute more, plan further and work harder. I have no wishes today but to pray for more talent and endurance for the challenges ahead.
I have changed a lot this year, so obvious that I myself can feel it. It was too tense at Karlson, but I did work at high speed. DCFWMS was a harmonious place (in my position) that hardly could I feel pressure. Then suddenly I had a strong feeling to move on and I pushed myself harder than ever, pursuing knowledge in IT industry. Nothing in the environment can I change, but neither can I let the environment strangle my future. Clear with no doubt, to work harder and safeguard a stable life in what I have to do this year.