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Friday, October 29, 2004

E-Commerce: Reflecting on the first 10 years

E-Commerce: Reflecting on the first 10 years

A bit relieved to hear a number of big guys' opinions that E-commerce has just started. To me that means plenty of opportunities ahead. It seems that there are so much that can be done in the future, but that's also the only thing that I can do in the future... Ridiculous? I am always pondering where IT will be going, and where I will be going, whether or not I can seize a chance and achieve something remarkable.
Mobile devices and electronic retail business is bound to be popular, maybe even in the near future. What I am pursuing, is the aggregation of information and tailor it for different individuals. This helps people to increase their throughput by using IT, instead of getting drowned in the sea of rubbish data. Data security will also be a key issue. In US, security practitioners are having the highest salary boost, and Hong Kong will not be far behind that.
Immersed in an IT environment / career, everybody can see something, yet how many of them can really free oneself from destiny?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Take a rest...

The first aid test was over, though the result is not known yet, there shouldn't be any problem to get a pass. For the whole day I was swallowing the text book for the written test, which turned out to be rather easy, in the bandaging part I was all the way exchanging hints with my brother, who is my partner and the examiner seems ignorant to that. The only fly in the ointment was the CPR session I have forgotten to declare the room as risk free. Yet in the subsequent process I was doing loud and clear, as if I am self-confident. That was the tactic I have used three years ago too.
Hopefully I am becoming more pressure resistant. In the past I considered "rest" is taking a day off sleeping or playing, recently "rest" is used to describe a day when I have nothing to do after work (no class, no tkd lesson etc). Now "rest" is a time when I am out of extra pressurized events (eg. assignments, exams). So as there is no pending assignment now, tomorrow I still have class in CU after work, but it will be a resting day.

Friday, October 22, 2004

A good day

Something that I can't do since my graduation: wake up in the afternoon. Thank god for giving me a chance to take a good rest at the right time. I means a restoration of strength, leaving me no excuse to defer my completion of homework.
Yet tomorrow is another challenge, I have to work in the morning, then take an eight-hour course (from 2pm to 10pm) for First-aid refresher.
Well, time to struggle again, that's life.



作曲: 鮑比達 填詞: 鄭國江
合唱: 譚詠麟 / 梅艷芳 / 葉蒨文 / 林子祥 / 許冠傑 / 徐小鳳 / 羅文

為理想 全力幹 求突破今天甘流血汗
為理想 獻盡努力 理想邦 我願靠我雙手創
為理想 燃亮我 求讓每分力 全變熱和亮光
要鬥志繼續頑強 要永遠奮起圖強
讓每點光 射向前方 讓每點光閃出希望
讓每點光 射向前方 讓每點光閃出希望
以熱誠 發亮光 以熱情 更烈更旺
漆黑照亮 前途共創

This is our home
This is our place
This is our dream
We love Hong Kong

匯聚強光 照遍這方 在熱流裡 載著看
熱愛香港 人人同心 共創香港新的希望
香港人 高峰天天創
凝聚了每點光茫 前途漸明朗 世界盡瞧著這方

熱愛香港 萬眾同心 共創香港新的希望
香港人 敢於更新 肯苦幹
更繁榮 這地方 更繁榮新的香港

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Weird Journey..

Some of my friends, especially those who visit this blog, may know that I should be in Macau today being a Taekwondo referee. Amazingly I have already returned home a few hours ago.
The journey was a really remarkable one!
1) People who went there a day before me all got food poisoning and encountered different severity of diarrhea.
2) Our lounge ("hotel") was a den of prostitutes.
3) We dared not sleep in bed last night and ended up in the sofa taking a nap for three hours with whole body curled up.
4) Our uniforms are of the wrong size.
5) The referee badges were not tightly sealed to our shirts. Instead they gave us clips to loosely attach them to the pockets and sleeves. Our badges were flying in the air along with our body movements in the court.
6) The free breakfast we could have in the restaurant can be 豬扒包, 腿治, 疍治, 牛治.. but we couldn't have 腿疍治 unless we pay a few dollars more.
7) The beverages we could have during lunch was hot drinks and cold drinks, but we couldn't choose drinks with lemon unless we pay $4 more.
8) Korean coach protested us referees for not giving points to his side (even though their kicks were not valid to score) and withdrew from a number of matches. In order to save their faces, new referees (those arrived on the second day like me and a few others) were considered inexperienced and were substituted out. Knowing that I will not be of any help within the day, I took the opportunity to leave earlier.
9) The ONLY meaningful thing within the journey was my winning of a few hundred dollars in the casino.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Too busy!!!

Another long long time that I have been always from blog. You know, time is so tense these weeks and I have got tonnes to do. Don't worry, I don't think there will be readers hanging around here. All the way I am talking to myself...
First, wish Dilys a happy birthday. I feel so guilty to screw things up today and I swear I will trust Hongkongpost no more.
Second, I really wish I can finish those assignments sooner. Those things are not hard at all, the only problem is I being too lazy (or tired) to study.
Third, I have to finish my own project. There is a chance that I can grap a domain (a .com) myself. If it really happens there will be a whole new set of preparations to be done. I have dealt with a couple of long-distant calls from Macromedia these days for their shipping of Flex 1.5. Wish them every success too, for I may have a better platform for my application.
And then I will go to Macau tomorrow for a referee job in an internation Taekwondo contest. Another weekend spoiled.
Yes, no money, no time, no charm, no achievement. What am I for?

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I just want to install Chinese support to my PocketPC as it is having English Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition as its OS. Unaware (or due to my stupidity), the patch distort my screen and make every English word much bigger than normal. Some information are forced out of the screen.
Although it can display chinese the trade-off is too big. Most unfortunately I am unable to uninstall that cleanly ever since...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

IT Thought


Raymond has sent me this link, ya that's the place where people are having the same feelings as me. It's just destiny. Economy is getting better, but my misgivings are still here. IT is truly what I like, ironically it is having the most ridiculous "skill vs salary" proportion. That's what so confusing and masking people's vision to the future. We are obligated to keep ourselves updated, and in the speed of technology advancement, we can theoretically enjoy unlimited space of expansion.
Yet in Hong Kong's situation, the tiny market with no Government support can hardly accomodate IT professionals to develop their careers. It's not merely due to the economic downturn, but the fundamental nature of the society (low-tech market, but a wide acceptance of commodity technologies...). Latest techs are getting more and more complicated, and the learning curves will definitely be steeper. Maybe these years is a local plateau for IT development in Hong Kong.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Terminal

The Terminal

Seldom can I encounter a comedy these days. After watching movies alone several times, finally I can see one that can really make me laugh. The whole theatre bursted into laughter and applause, this really worth seeing.
I am pleased that the economy is really recovering. These days I have been busy configuring my new Pocket PC. I was in a hard time buying that at Broadway! It was so crowded and people were so eager to pay. The same thing happened in SportsHouse where I have my Timberland shoes. God I see lives all around.
I was in Tsimshatsui tonight with my former university schoolmates. I could hardly get out from the restaurant as the gate was blocked by people who were waiting for tables. God that's the real Hong Kong.

Friday, October 01, 2004

What IT is like...

See if I can successfully blog this...