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Thursday, September 28, 2006

China bloggers surpass 30 million - Sep 26, 2006 - China bloggers surpass 30 million - Sep 26, 2006.

What a big pool and a huge potential market! Who can eventually figure out an appropriate business model and be the first gold miner?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ajax RSS reader

Ajax RSS reader.

A comprehensive tutorial from IBM DeveloperWorks, worth a reference.

Microsoft may offer web programs

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft may offer web programs.

This can be seen as a trial of Microsoft to enter the web market. Either can she continue to advocate traditional software products or she can renovate all her products web-based. A free version of web-based work suite is a clever move, for it can test the market response with limited investment (limited features).

We will see how things go from now on.

Microsoft is planning free web-based versions of its word processing and spreadsheet programs.
The online versions of the programs will lack many of the features found in the full versions found in Microsoft's Office suite of applications.

Although the programs will be free to use, Microsoft is planning to fund them via advertising.

High-Definition DVD War: Over Before it Starts?

ABC News: High-Definition DVD War: Over Before it Starts?.

The video business is getting hot. Disney, Amazon, Apple are all in similar track offering online streaming video services. On the other hand movie producers are doing researches to further improve the movie quality with HD DVD.

It is true that HD movie can hardly be downloaded due to its size, physical ‘disc’such as CD, DVD and HD DVD are still keeping their market. But it is beyond doubt that as the network bandwidth is continuously improving, online streaming will become more popular in the video business.

Sept. 22, 2006 — Warner Bros. recently filed a patent application for a new type of DVD that could end the next generation DVD format war before it begins.

Blending aspects of the new HD DVD and Blu-ray technologies, the proposed discs would be playable in both types of players, eliminating the need for consumers to invest in one format over the other.

Current Blu-ray and HD DVD players range in price from about $500 to $1,000 with discs generally costing over $25. 

Astronaut Collapses During Ceremony

ABC News: Astronaut Collapses During Ceremony.

What a true hero. As one of the military officials she has truly demonstrated strength and perseverance. After 12 days in space one should need more time to physically adjust gravity again, her collapse during the speech is never embarrassing.

Piper, the fifth of the six astronauts to speak, appeared to be confused before her legs buckled during her address. NASA officials and crew members braced her and lowered her to the ground. She stood up again, and the crowd applauded.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ABC News: Microsoft Launching Online Video Service

ABC News: Microsoft Launching Online Video Service.

Retracing the past market strategy of Microsoft, you can actually see a pattern that for minority leech markets she will never be the first mover. Web browser we had Netscape at the beginning and followed by Internet Explorer which slowly took over the market; Instant messenging we had ICQ at the beginning then MSN Messenger which slowly took over. Now comes the online video which we have YouTube as the current market leader, after Microsoft’s join in the market is again expected to become a red ocean, YouTube can hardly keep her market leadership without continuous improvement and innovation (which involves abundant supply of capital and positive cash flow).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adobe brings Web conferencing to Acrobat

Adobe brings Web conferencing to Acrobat | Tech News on ZDNet.

I doubt if it is really that strategic. Is web conferencing related to viewing PDF?

From a PDF file, a person can use Connect to let someone else view a document or a person's entire desktop through a Web browser. Connect, which runs with the Adobe Flash Player, also lets a person start a chat with instant messaging or send an invitation via e-mail.

A Big Boost in the Fight Against Poverty

ABC News: A Big Boost in the Fight Against Poverty.

From time to time there are such charity acts happening, thanks to those brillionaires for their donations, which is a nice effort trying to bring the world back to equilibrium. As what I always say: what’s life all about, it’s simply about what you can do in a few decades. If you are financially viable to help, why wait till you are rich? I would appreciate a worldwide continuous effort dedicated to sustainable development. Third world countries may need help, so as the natural environment.

So, you want to be an astronaut?

So, you want to be an astronaut? - World - Times Online#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=World.

I may get across the physical and mental endurance if I am determined enough, but definitely I won’t be able to achieve the last item…

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive -

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!.

Web Office will be much different than Microsoft Office

Web Office will be much different than Microsoft Office | Web 2.0 Explorer |

Office 1.0 (1980s): a set of discrete and often incompatible applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation creation, and simple database management. Archetype: Lotus 1-2-3.

Office 2.0 (1990 - present): integrated suites of PPAs, with expanded, if still limited, collaboration capabilities. Archetype: Microsoft Office.

Office 3.0 (present - early 2010s): hybrid desktop/web suites incorporating internet-based tools and interfaces to facilitate collaboration and web publishing.

Office 4.0 (c. early 2010s): fully web-based suites.

Web technology is gradually becoming the main stream and it is truly hiding enough potential to take over most of the client side applications. As far as the innovation is concerns, two major changes can also happen:

1. A refromation of the web. The current WWW infrastructure may not be an ideal platform for the distribution of robust applications. Existing web applications are mostly confined to dashboards, accounting, reporting, database operations and computing. High end fancy effects are not entertained. Imagine what it is like to access your office software by means of a URL, are you comfortable having it run within a browser?

2. A reformation of the client machines. Moving most of the loadings to the servers will require the servers to have superb computing powers. At the same time the requirement of the client machines will decrease so that the evolvement of PC hardware may slow down. Operating systems will also have to change (in this case OS with high system requirement like Windows Vista may be heading towards a wrong direction). Instead of UI fanciness, more emphasises should be placed on web compatibility, security and stability.

Selling IT to the CEO: Keep It Simple

Selling IT to the CEO: Keep It Simple.

It is very true as you are pitching to your target audiences, you need to know beforehand what they want to hear. Most probably they are not interested in the details of your work, as close as you are talking to your project manager, better put your focus on schedule and manpower instead of the details of implementation.

That’s life.

Warner Distribute Videos Through YouTube

Warner Distribute Videos Through YouTube, Warner Music Group to Distribute, License Videos and More Through YouTube Internet Site - CBS News.

Another example showing that the market leader rules. The strongest will only merge with the strongest, so as long as you can get the snowball rolling to create a big business, opportunities will come and help you get the ball even bigger.

It’s yet to be seen if YouTube can keep up with its strength to dominate this market.

Monday, September 18, 2006

First success for whale project

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | First success for whale project.

Nothing related to the new itself, I just love this photo. Indeed I do appreciate these efforts in protecting the marine lives, we all live on this planet and we ought to do more than that. Try going on a vacation more and appreciate the Nature, you will see it is not just us living here, all the lives and animals deserve our conservation and respect.

The scene is God’s gift to us, don’t you feel it is lovely?

Mobiles put the web in your hands

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Mobiles put the web in your hands.

It is an unstoppable trend that mobile devices will become the main stream of communications. The integration of web browsing and voice/video communications into the gadgets is yet another big topic to research on. In particular, how to put a web page with so many texts into a 320x240 pixels screen while the font size is still acceptable to human eyes? How to make the browisng (like reading and scrolling) easier?

Using mobile phones for electronic transactions (like purchasing a can of soft drink from the auto-seller machine, accessing e-bank and other services) is no longer a dream nowadays, but before the technology is fully mature and widely popular what we have currently is just a channel. We will need a more user-friendly interface, a more secured mobile transaction channel, more comprehensive services and a wider public acceptance for the whole thing to come true. Based on the current trend, this day won’t be far from now.

A broader industry initiative should make the whole process of going online a far more pleasant experience. From next month anyone will be able to register a .mobi net address. This domain is meant solely for sites that will be navigable by phones and anyone signing up must ensure their site meets a strict set of accessibility standards

MTLD, the organisation behind .mobi, expects 200,000 mobile sites to be registered in the next year.

Friday, September 15, 2006 Does God Want You To Be Rich? Does God Want You To Be Rich? -- Sep. 18, 2006 -- Page 1.

TIME magazine sometimes really comes up with interesting stories like this. Another question may be: Do you need to be a good guy for God to make you rich?

Does God Want You To Be Rich? A growing number of Protestant evangelists raise a joyful Yes! But the idea is poison to other, more mainstream pastors

Genetic code of a tree unlocked - Sep 14, 2006 - Genetic code of a tree unlocked - Sep 14, 2006.

It seems to me that this vast cultivation of cottonwood will do all the good and no harm. More wood, paper and fuel and faster absorption of CO2 in the air. Hopefully this can work, yet the world is a huge ecological circulation, more plants will cause a faster consumption of soil nutrients as well, is that replacable too?

Survivor's' race for ratings - 'Survivor's' race for ratings - Sep 14, 2006.

It has been a good show and I am glad another new season has just begun showing. It is really controversial dividing the tribes by race. It kinda gave me an idea that it is a war between the Asians, the White Americans and the Black.

Meanwhile, several members of the New York City Council were denouncing the show for promoting divisiveness. "How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?" posed Councilman John Liu, who is Asian-American.

Then New York Times columnist Clyde Haberman observed that these city officials included members of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus.

"In other words," wrote Haberman, "leading the condemnation of CBS for creating teams defined by race and ethnicity was a team that created itself using race and ethnicity as the definition."

Nevertheless, it is still a good show…

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive -

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!.

Meaningful !!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Apple introduces new iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iTunes

Apple - iPod
Apple - iPod nano
Apple - iPod shuffle
Apple - iTune

The world’s smallest digital music player and just $79, the 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs(1) on your sleeve. Or your lapel. Or your belt. Clip on iPod shuffle and wear it as a badge of musical devotion.

Can you image another company to be that aggressive in rolling out new hardware products? With all the Macs and iBook stuffs she can still manages to get the gadgets smaller and smaller.

See if these new stuffs are good for you…

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive -

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!.

Only if it can be that easy… Launches TV, Movie Service

ABC News: Launches TV, Movie Service.

Is it possible for something like this to happen in Hong Kong? Maybe I should start making some studies about it…

SEATTLE Sep 7, 2006 (AP)— Inc. launched a digital video downloading service Thursday, ending months of speculation that the Internet retailer would be getting into the online TV and movie business.

Hong Kong Disneyland Facing Competition

Hong Kong Disneyland Facing Competition, Hong Kong Disneyland Facing Unexpectedly Tough Competition From Local Fixture Ocean Park - CBS News.

It is not a must for a world renowned theme park to be successful everywhere. The high profile entry of Disneyland into Hong Kong created a legend and fantasy for a moment, vast number of tourists, mainly from the mainland, couldn’t wait to pay it a visit.

Ironically scandals were all around after the park’s grand opening. It was first criticized for its small volume, chaos appeared during peak days and hundreds were shutted outside the park. The realistic behavior of mainland visitors created a sharp contradiction with the romantic fantasy delivered by the dream world…

On the contrary, the Ocean Park was very cautious throughout the competition and seemingly it is keeping its market leadership. The boldness in innovation has apparently been rewarded by a sustainable growth of admission. It is time for Disneyland to abandon the ‘must-win’thought lest it will slowly be boycotted. Afterall, everyone has to pay in order to gain in Hong Kong.

Walt Disney Co., hoping to tap into China's huge market, has struggled a bit in its debut year in Hong Kong. Its park hasn't quite reached its first-year attendance goal of 5.6 million, and its had some hiccups along the way.

Walt Disney Co., hoping to tap into China's huge market, has struggled a bit in its debut year in Hong Kong. Its park hasn't quite reached its first-year attendance goal of 5.6 million, and its had some hiccups along the way.

Monday, September 11, 2006

People Really Do Try to Wash Away Sins - The Human Body - Study: People Really Do Try to Wash Away Sins - The Human Body.

Interesting… So those who washes their hands most frequently are those who sins most? I would rather keep my hands clean always then.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

CBS teams up with TiVo to promote network's new shows

CBS teams up with TiVo to promote network's new shows - Sep. 6, 2006.

All as I know TiVo is doing a very good work out there, just wondering why she is not expanding the business to other continents? Just like Skype and Vodafone, good technologies and brands are always welcomed wherever there is a market.

That world is flat somehow…

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive -

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive -

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Apple Unveiling Movie-Playing iPod?

ABC News: Apple Unveiling Movie-Playing iPod?.

Is it going to be another PSP? The marketing strategy for Apple to go for digital entertainment is really amazing. Just look at the latest series of TV ads on will you understand. It is yet another example of the blue ocean.

"The iPod Nano was optimized for short-form video like TV shows, music videos," said Michael Gartenberg, analyst with Jupiter Research. "You could get that sense based on form factor, screen size, battery life etc. … [A movie iPod] would need a larger viewing screen. And, of course, Apple's challenge is to keep that iPod form factor."

The larger screen is a big deal for the little dynamo. While TV shows and music videos are generally made to be watched on a squarish screen, movies are shot in widescreen and require a more rectangular screen for proper viewing.

Windows Live Writer

Introducing Windows Live Writer

Just learnt from a blog that Microsoft Live has released a product named Windows Live Writer, the functionality is similar to BlogJet. Yet I am not ready to try it out yet. Maybe sometimes later when the release is stable with greater compatibility…

Big Companies Go Green to Ensure Business

ABC News: Big Companies Go Green to Ensure Business.

So protecting the environment is also about profits. That might be a good thing if the economy and the environment can find a way to balance themselves. I just hope it is not too late…

Friday, September 01, 2006

101 ways to organize your life

Project Management Source: Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life.

A very good passage. Allow me to quote some below:

1. Keep your approach friendly
5. Nobody appreciates a micro-manager: Don’t sit on the heads of your team members.
6. Giving autonomy does not mean not keeping track of progress.
14. Stand up for your team. When your employees are in the right, have the guts to take up their case.
15. Don’t let team members intimidate you with technical mumbo-jumbo. Don’t feel stupid when you ask them to explain what they are saying in layperson’s language.
20. Building Trust: Build trust within the team by demonstrating to each team member that everyone is important and creating a sense of personal value and contribution.
23. Say thanks, offer words of support, and show appreciation for good work.
28. Ownership: Have an attitude of owning your work.
30. To motivate, you have to empower. Motivation involves not only being enthusiastic and pumped up about approaching the task, but also involves being equipped with the tools and the ability to complete the assignment.
31. Accountability of Self
42. Keep your sense of humor: It helps
44. Celebrate achievements – even mini-achievements
61. Break down work into tasks
80. Take a break
85. A healthy personal life translates to a well-balanced, healthy person

Testing spam blog post

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