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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More links on AJAX

Free tagging service is being upheld:

Motorola Motorola PEBL V6

Motorola Motorola PEBL V6

Very cool stuff, together with another two new phones are going to be released in the second half of this year.
Watch more at


人才培訓顧問陳慶生 花200萬獲14學位
How can I ever stop studying? That's why I stand by what I am saying on the right: "A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I am working harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance."

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

The Good Friday mass was a well done, it made me ponder a lot of things.
Once I doubt whether I should be good and noble, or I should be wicked and selfish. I was discontent with my fate and destiny, and ask God why there are so many obstacles laid ahead of me. I was furious as my effort turned out and became nothing. I was astonished and shocked that I ended up at a head start in the worst industry in the worst time and place.
Look at Jesus Christ. He was noble. He place a lot of effort in preaching, healing, teaching for the good of mankind, but ended up being crucified by the people he has helped. His suffering and death was more than it is, and maybe that's what He wants to show me.
Getting successful is no easy. I don't know why but I just feel the way is relatively harder for me. But I do believe that the situation is educating me to work harder and smarter. The bottom line is, I gonna be good and stay noble, do what is correct always. However harsh the circumstance is, I won't go beyond my moral standards.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Study on AJAX

adaptive path ? ajax: a new approach to web applications
I should really read more as Raymond told me about a combination of technologies that can simulate the effect of Flex in plain HTML environment.
AJAX: Asynchronous Javascript & XMLHttpRequest
The following as some of the references I have read through:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Making progress...

Everything is under progress now. I become more enthusiastic and agressive than ever. Late at night when everybody is asleep, I am working at my top speed on various tasks: refining assignments, programming my project, looking for j(you know what)..
Today I have taken the IT Proficiency Test in CUHK, tomorrow will be the time I start making plans for everything. Hopefully all the changes can match one another at my desired time.
I am still optimistic...

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I start to ponder: what indeed do I need to have a good fortune?

Strange things are lingering around:
1) I don't spend much every month (no entertainment at all), but in turn I can't save much money.
2) I don't like to waste time (as least a lot less entertainment and gatherings than the years in university), but in turn I don't have time left. My sleeping hours are as little as the years in university.
3) I feel that my English writing skills in deteriorating.
4) I feel that physically I am getting weaker again.
5) I feel like an idiot as I am an amateur to so many things (eg. investment). There are so many things I have to make a kick start on.
6) In short, I feel that I am less competitive that I expect.

So that's what I am going to do:
1) Review my monthly spendings all over again. Root out any item that I can make further savings.
2) Review my weekly schedule. Probably I can save up more time after the completion of my master studies, by then I shall reallocate some time for exercise or other long term plans.
3) Revise the english vocabulary notes I have drafted, then resume my daily reading of english editorials in SCMP and Mingpao.
4) After point(2), I shall free up some time for exercise (eg. running, weight, or perhaps gym exercises a month later). A cup of milk every night will help.
5) I am proactively learning investment in practice, along-side with the investment course I am taking in CUHK this semester.
6) After the master course, I will definitely continue to shoot down CCNA and SCJP.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Google yourself and think twice about what you post on the internet

The following is a passsage I have read from SCMP and certainly it worth sharing.

Google yourself and think twice about what you post on the internet

With so much information now readily available on the internet, "self_Googling" is becoming an essential career tool.
To prevent demaning information from emerging in embarrassing places, some career advisers suggest conducting an internet search on a weekly basis.
My own Google experiment revealed two companies in the United States that had quoted me inaccurately on their webpages.
However, I have heard far worse stories. For example, one job seeker did a self-search and found a similarly named porn star.
If you have shared your opinions in chat rooms or logged your thoughts in a blog, the risk of being poorly represented on the internet increases.
One multinational organization ran a search on a candidate and found the applicant had posted a rant about the "evils of corporate America".
Unless the candidate was applying for a job as a political columnist, this information would probably not convince an employer of his or her potential.
Other risks come from the use of online jobsites. If you have ever posted your resume on the Web, you must make sure the details are consistent.
These days, you simple do not know who has had access to previous copies.
If you find inaccurate information on the internet, you can ask website owners to remove it.
However, it can take months for search engines to remove the information from their cached records. Google provides detailed advice for removing data from it records on
In the meantime, take action to minimize the impact of negative or inaccurate data. It is probably best to raise issues with the recruiter early in the selection process.
Job searching is all about managing your personal brand.
Put your public relations hat and make sure only the most positive and accurate information about you is circulating in cyberspace.
Thank twice about what you post on the internet - you never know how it might come back to haunt you.
-- Rachel Autherson

Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Intelligent and witty stuff...
Reference : 郑成功收复台湾的历史功绩

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My next target

飛利浦 19 吋液晶螢幕190X5FB

It costs me around $3680, maybe I can afford it...

Friday, March 04, 2005

Blogs and Wiki: WikiAndBlog

Blogs and Wiki: WikiAndBlog
Yet another site for Raymond...

Knowledge Integration

Minding the Planet: Integrating Blogs and Wikis -- A Higher Unifying Framework
All the way I am thinking about integrating information in the web, even in my project.
This piece is specially for Raymond.