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Friday, February 29, 2008

Google offers team Web site publishing service

Yet another endeavor for Google to ease team building and collaboration. What worth appreciating is its consistent simplicity for all the services. Simple and atomic in terms of functionality as the first step, then gradually improves and make the service more integrated and usable.

Perhaps it is because of this reliable rollout approach, Google services can gain popularity quicker than her rivals among the general public, with much less investment in marketing campaigns as well.

The new service, the latest stage in the Internet leader's push into the market for business and educational users, allows non-technical users to organize and share digital information such as Web links, calendars, photos, videos, presentations, attachments and other documents in an easy-to-maintain site.

Google offers team Web site publishing service | Technology | Reuters

Building a Web of Influence

Sometimes I do think that networking is a major hurdle for those who are working in the IT industry. The job nature requires a high degree of independence and as time goes by your communication skills may deteriorate.

Although social networking websites are powerful tools in favor of IT practitioners, it can only extend your network in an ossified manner. The way of communication it advocates is no way compared to face-to-face contacts.

My problem could be networking. Or more specifically, a lack of it. I work in a basement where my only business contacts are my dogs, which appear unimpressed by my résumé.

Building a Web of Influence - New York Times

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

''Doomsday'' Seed Vault Opens Near North Pole

Very cool complex, a modern version of Noah's Arc. And it look gorgeous too!

The "doomsday" vault is designed to keep millions of seed samples safe from natural and unnatural disasters: global warming, asteroid strikes, plant diseases, nuclear warfare, and even earthquakes

National Geographic News Photo Gallery: ''Doomsday'' Seed Vault Opens Near North Pole

Global Warming, Up Close and Personal - TIME

 Global Warming Environment Polar Bear

With the natural habitat distorted to the current stage, I am wondering if we can do anything to restore it to the original state? We burn down forests and melt the polar ice, what eventually will the world be like?

What they'll see may be startling. Climate change has already refashioned the geography of the Arctic, melting glaciers that past adventurers — not to mention the Inuit who make their home in the far north — once journeyed on securely.

Global Warming, Up Close and Personal - TIME